SAS, A Valued Horizon Partner

“We believe curiosity is at the heart of human progress.”

Horizon Computer Solutions, Western Canada’s most successful innovative business solution provider, is pleased to announce our recent partnership with SAS. Founded in 1995, Horizon’s success and growth are based upon delivering strategic solutions to our clients, by teaming up with industry-leading vendors to deliver that value.

SAS is a leader in Analytics and empowers customers to move forward by transforming data into intelligence. Their clients have seen a reduction in costs with maintenance and data redundancy; increased performance and standardization across the company; and increased analytics capacity with more data analyzed and better insights and solutions.

“We are excited to bring SAS on board as a valued partner.”

Horizon’s strategic alliance with SAS will complement and enhance our current solution offerings. The SAS portfolio encompasses Data Analytics, Data Modeling & Forecasting, Machine Learning, and AI. Horizon and SAS both understand that to do AI, you need IA (Information Architecture).

Artificial Intelligence and Information Architecture hold the keys to the future. There can be no AI without IA. Data needs to be collected and organized before it can be analyzed.  Data with poor quality will cripple an organization as they strive to transform its business to the next level.

Horizon CEO, Raj Randhawa, states “We are excited to bring SAS on board as a valued partner. We know that as new competitors are entering the market, they are leveraging data in new ways to deliver better customer experiences.  But data alone is not a recipe for success; it’s the refinement of the data that holds the key.  Horizon along with SAS can assist clients in leveraging data from internal and external sources to achieve positive outcomes for their business and help them navigate through their AI journey.

“SAS is a leader in Analytics and empowers customers
to move forward by transforming data into intelligence.”

Horizon and SAS both have extensive experience working with enterprise clients in the Healthcare, Utilities, Mining, Education and Government industries. Our companies share the same values and passion for developing solutions to help our clients succeed in the ever-evolving IT industry. Simply stated, this new partnership will help us expand our service offerings to include customizable Data and AI solutions.

Horizon is committed to bringing value to our clients and is continually sourcing new opportunities to expand our service offerings through exceptional vendor partnerships. For the past 25 years, our clients have grown to expect strategic solutions from us, so we always ensure that we are aligned with first-class vendors to help deliver that value. We are thrilled to be joining forces with the SAS team to offer the best solutions to the challenges that our customers currently face, and to plan out a future roadmap.

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