Help your employees avoid a hack

Check out Arctic Wolf’s 5 Minute Companion for the Cyber Conscious Employee

As an employer, you can’t expect your employees to be experts at cybersecurity.  You can hope your employees are on the look out for signs of threats and do the right thing if they spot it.  You can offer regular training and vulnerability testing.  Your can even identify employees most likely to fall pray to a threat and provide extra guidance and coaching.  But the reality is, none of us are perfect, hackers are getting better and more sophisticated, and … businesses get hacked. 

The guide below (download for free) is from one of our partners, Arctic Wolf.  Share it with your employees to help them spot the signs of a bad actor and take appropriate action.  It doesn’t replace all those other things like training, testing, and great security solutions, but it’s another tool to help build the skills and confidence of your employees. 

In the guide you’ll find the following:

  • 6 tips to reduce the chance of falling victim to a phishing attempt
  • Guidelines for the best password strategy and why we should embrace password complexity
  • The do’s and don’ts of public Wi-Fi
  • How to responsibly enjoy the benefits of BYOD
  • Best practices for using cloud-based apps and SaaS solutions
  • What you should do to back up your data
  • Next steps if you’ve been hacked

Download the guide from Artic Wolf and share it with your employees.  And if you have any questions about your security or employee preparedness please get in touch.  

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