Empower your business

At Horizon, our mission is to “Empower your business with innovative People, Process, and Technology.” The fusion of these three elements is the driving force behind Horizon; it’s what allows us to enable and empower organizations to take their ideas and turn them into objective realities.

The changes around us — whether technological, social, or economic — require that we help our clients navigate through new and increasingly complex digital landscapes, which profoundly impact businesses, organizations, and communities at large.

In many instances, we are responsible for helping shape these new landscapes. Our strategic alliance with leading technology partners allows us to provide our clients with the best-of-breed solutions. Solutions that enable our clients to leverage the right technology to streamline their processes and gain operational efficiencies. Most importantly, we build solutions that empower people to connect, collaborate, and innovate.

This is what has inspired us over the last 26 years.

I am extremely proud of the innovation, teamwork, and integrity displayed by our team and the exceptional value they bring to our client community. It is this commitment and vision that has allowed us to deliver truly transformative solutions and meaningful outcomes to clients across North America.

As we continue this journey, we would like to thank every member of our client and partner community for your trust in us. We look forward to delivering the next generation of solutions to empower you and your organization in the future.


Raj Randhawa

CEO, Horizon Computer Solutions

Raj Randhawa