You need prevention
and incident preparation

It’s not enough to only focus on the security of your environment.  When the inevitable happens, your cyber resiliency is what matters.  You need a solution that can accelerate detection and recovery to minimize the impact.

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Performance, cost efficiency, and high availability with the IBM FlashSystem

Your cyber resiliency is defined by the time it takes for detection and recovery from an incident.  Storage has an important role to play in your resiliency.  With the IBM FlashSystem you’re prepared before it happens.

  • Cyberattacks are detected early to minimize damage
  • Recovery from an attack begins quickly
  • The time to recovery drops from days or weeks to just hours

Are you prepared?

According to Gartner, “Hype Cycle for Storage and Data Protection Technologies, 2021”,

The number of enterprises that will be hit by at least one ransomware attack by 2025.
That’s seven times more than in 2021.

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the IBM FlashSystem

IBM FlashSystem Cyber Vault Solution Brief 

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The Total Economic Impact of IBM FlashSystem

Learn more about Forrester’s evaluation of the ROI of the IBM FlashSystem plus a framework to calculate your own potential ROI. 

IBM’s Cyber Resiliency Assessment

A no-cost, two-hour virtual workshop with IBM security and storage experts.  Better understand your risks and define your next steps. 

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