Forrester Consulting Reports on ROI of IBM FlashSystem

If you’re considering IBM FlashSystem to help manage your growing data needs, this Forrester Total Economic Impact study will help.  The purpose of the report is to help organizations like yours evaluate the potential ROI and impact of your investment in the technology.  They highlight the benefits, costs, and risks of making the move to this solution. 

The study included interviews with 5 decision makers currently using FlashSystem.  All of the interviewees were facing similar issues prior to investing in FlashSystem:

  • Capacity expansions were required
  • Complex environment that required significant resources to manage
  • Virtualization capacity was limited, resulting in planned and unplanned downtime

Key Findings

Highlights of the report are included below, however you can download the full report for the details on what Forrester uncovered in their interviews. 

Composite investments in FlashSystem for the 5 interviewed organizations was $509,000 and they reported combined benefits totalling $2.06 million over 3 years

  • 305% Return on Investment
  • $1.55M Net present value
  • Payback achieved in 8 months
  • $837,000 in reduced storage costs.  FlashSystem compressed data without any significant impact on performance.
  • $695,000 in improved operational efficiency.  Resources needed to manage storage declined and freed up 90% of FTE time that could be used on other priority work.
  • $528,000 of value from reduced downtime. All work and routine maintenance of the storage environment could be done without taking hardware offline so downtime was significantly reduced.
  • Applications and storage environments saw perfomance improvements
  • Security improvements with proactive scans and system patching
  • Users reported satisfaction with the support from IBM and their partner network

Download the Forrester report to read more about the interviewees and their specific insights.  Or if you’re ready to have conversation about your storage options, get in touch with our IBM Champions. 

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