Transforming IT Management for Catterall & Wright: Case Study  

Alot of businesses tap into staff expertise to try to manage their IT.  But when those team members aren’t IT experts, you’re taking them away from their regular job.  That was the case with Catterall & Wright when they started working with us over a decade ago.  Today, their internal team is dedicated to their primary roles and we’re managing all things IT for them.  It’s a partnership that makes things more efficient and gives users access to faster support.   

Catterall & Wright has provided municipal engineering services out of Saskatoon since 1965. They deliver civil engineering, design, land development, and surveying services across the province.

Challenges of In-House IT Management

Before partnering with Horizon, Catterall & Wright handled their IT systems internally. However, the task became overwhelming and took internal staff away from their core roles.  

“It was becoming too large, too complex, and too time-consuming for our technical staff who had other jobs to do.” Says Shaun McLeod, M.Sc., P.Eng., Principal Design Engineer at Catterall & Wright  

This challenge led them to look for expertise outside their organization to alleviate the burden on their internal team. 

A Decade-Long Partnership

Recognizing the need for a change, Catterall & Wright engaged Horizon for periodic server support, maintenance, and equipment sourcing. This initial collaboration marked the beginning of what grew to a comprehensive suite of IT support services. 

Over time, the partnership expanded to include user support, networking support, remote access solutions, and extensive server support. The journey with Horizon now extends over a decade, with the last three years marked by Horizon fully managing Catterall & Wright’s IT systems. 

“Those services expanded into a full suite of support,” says McLeod.  “We’ve had Horizon fully managing our IT systems for about 3 years.”  

Server and Networking Infrastructure Management 

Horizon plays a pivotal role in managing Catterall & Wright’s server and networking infrastructure. It’s important to Catterall & Wright that their network remains efficient which means adopting new technology when necessary.  Horizon has optimized their existing infrastructure to help them get the most out of their IT investments. 

Remote Access for Enhanced Flexibility 

Being able to remain connected when working remotely or on sight is important for Catterall & Wright.  Horizon implemented remote access solutions so users can work from anywhere seamlessly.   

Fully Managed IT Support  

As a Horizon TotalCare client, Catterall & Wright have Horizon managing all aspects of their IT from big-picture strategy and planning to security, network management, and day-to-day helpdesk support.

Efficiency Gains and Faster User Support 

With Horizon fully managing their IT systems, the internal technical staff at Catterall & Wright can redirect their focus to their primary tasks. This shift not only optimized resources but also contributed to increased productivity. Users today have faster access to a dedicated helpdesk to support their needs.   

“Our staff who used to provide support internally are now able to work on their normal tasks more full time and our users get access to support more quickly,” says McLeod.

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