Signs Your Business Needs a Technology Refresh

Companies that prioritize technology are proven to be three times more likely to exceed corporate goals.  So, a strategic approach to your technology can have a big impact.  However, even cutting-edge technology can face issues and hinder performance without regular updates and support. This blog explores the signs that your business may need a technology refresh and how staying proactive can enhance your overall operations.

What is a Technology Refresh?

A technology refresh involves systematically replacing outdated technology based on its compatibility with other infrastructure. Instead of waiting until something is obsolete and become a major obstacle, a proactive technology refresh ensures a seamless and uninterrupted workflow.

What are the risks of old technology?  Legacy infrastructure components come with inherent costs, exposing systems to security threats, reducing overall productivity, and potentially driving valuable employees away due to the frustration of dealing with outdated technology. As the expenses and risks associated with maintaining obsolete IT components rise, day-to-day operations can suffer.

Warning Signs You Need a Technology Refresh

To determine whether it’s time for a technology refresh, keep an eye out for these six warning signs:

  1. Systems Running Slowly:
    • Significant slowdowns could be due to failed integrations, viruses, or lack of updates. Identifying and addressing these issues promptly is essential to restore optimal performance.
  2. Suspicious Pop-Ups:
    • Pop-ups warning of security threats or technical problems may indicate system vulnerabilities. Immediate refreshing or updating of legacy systems can thwart cybercriminal attempts.
  3. Random Shutdowns:
    • Frequent and unpredictable shutdowns may signal underlying issues such as an unstable power supply, viruses, or corrupted files, prompting the need for a system update.
  4. Connection Issues:
    • Regular disconnection from the internet during critical tasks could indicate a flaw in the system. If patching fails to resolve the issue, a system refresh may be necessary.
  5. Lack of Integration:
    • In today’s dynamic tech landscape, integration is crucial. If a technology component doesn’t seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure, it should be replaced promptly.
  6. Erratic System Behavior:
    • Unexplained phenomena such as tabs opening and closing on their own, mouse movements contrary to user inputs, and unauthorized downloads may suggest the need for a system refresh.

Collaboration for Technological Excellence

Facing technological challenges alone can be overwhelming. Collaborating with experienced partners ensures a smoother path to a technology refresh. Entrusting the process to experts allows you to focus on business growth while achieving peace of mind.

If you recognize any of the warning signs mentioned or want to explore the benefits of a technology refresh, contact us for a consultation. Stay ahead of the curve and position your business for continued success.

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