Safeguard Your Business with a Solid Microsoft 365 Recovery Process

Expert best practices for Microsoft 365 advanced recovery solutions

As technology continues to evolve, so does the need for advanced recovery solutions. Many question whether the native recovery tools from Microsoft are sufficient for Microsoft 365 backup.  In this book, Brien Posey, a 14-time Microsoft MVP, shares his insights into the key considerations for Microsoft 365 recovery.  He reminds us that as a business, you have a responsibility to back up your Microsoft 365 data and why recoverability is key in your decision about how best to back it up.

Here’s what he shares in his book:

  • Native Recovery Tools: Treat them as a convenience feature, not a go-to mechanism for data recovery. Levels of protection can vary across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.
  • Recovery Difficulty: backup products can differ widely in terms of complexity. Look for a product that uses the Microsoft 365 APIs and can perform both large-scale and granular recovery operations.
  • Restoration Granularity: Choose a backup application that gives you options for different types of recoveries.  Large scale recoveries are rare.  You most often are required to restore smaller pieces of data.  However, you want a solution that can perform both large and small scale recovery – even down to individual items like files or emails.
  • Versioning and Attributes: A backup solution should be able to recognize and retain all the versioning and attributes that exist throughout the Microsoft 365 environment.  You don’t want to lose past versions of a file for example or have to manually restore attributes for a team. 
  • Recovery Flexibility: You’ll want a backup solution that offers flexibility in how you recover data.  You may for example want to restore something to a different location than where it was originally, or export it for a specific use.  First-rate search engines are also important so you can locate specific files for retrieval when necessary.
  • Self-Service Recovery: This concept is still new but can be a valuable tool in some organizations so users can retrieve their data themselves, immediately, freeing up the IT team for more critical tasks.

About the Author: Brien Posey

Brien Posey is a 14-time Microsoft MVP with over 20 years of IT experience. He is a published author and conference speaker and a Commercial Scientist Astronaut Candidate.

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