Storage’s role in detecting attacks and recovering quickly

Traditional business continuity solutions such as high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) won’t fully protect you from the growing range of cyberattacks.  When data breaches and other attacks happen, fast recovery is one of the highest priority.  Being cyber resilent means investing in the right  technology to ensure fast recovery of mission-critical business operations when necessary.

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What can IBM’s FlashSystem Cyber Vault do for you?

  • Detect attacks early so damage is minimized
  • Recover quicker from an attack
  • Reduce the time to recover from days or weeks to hours
  • Accommodate a forensic analysis on the attack

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How long does it take
to recover from a ransomware attack?

Source: IT World Canada, “Average ransomware payment for Canadian firms hits $450,000”,

recover within 1 month
recover within 3 months
recover in more than 5-6 months

Download the solution brief to learn more about:

IBM Safeguarded Copy 

Isolated, immutable, snapshots of your data

FlashSystem Cyber Vault

Continuously running and monitoring your Safeguarded Copy snapshots for corruption to speed detection and recovery.

Framework for Cyber Resiliency 

The IBM FlashSystem Cyber Vault technology covers the key NIST Cybersecurity Framework components

IBM Lab Services 

IMB consultants can collaborate with you to build the best enterprise IT and hybrid cloud solution for your organization.

Is the IBM FlashSystem Cyber Vault
right for your organization?

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