How to secure your business when you do business from anywhere

Peace of mind security wherever you need it

Extending security
to a remote team

Businesses across Western Canada quickly adjusted to support a work-from-anywhere situation when remote employees became a necessity. However, that also required an expansion of your network to a much bigger perimeter. For some businesses, this created more opportunities for attackers to exploit the weak, inconsistent security deployed to remote employees.

Office-level security everywhere

All employees, regardless of location should have the same level of security.

VPNs can be risky

VPNs rely on proper and consistent use by your employees. That doesn’t always happen.

Modernized access

Zero-trust network access (ZTNA) is the modern alternative to VPNs and restricts access to your network to only approved personnel.

Bundle security with worry-free IT

More small and midsized business are realizing that keeping IT in-house has its limitations. Learn more about our Total Care Managed IT package.

Stop worrying about the IT security for your business

Talk to a Horizon security expert about securing your office and remote team

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securing your small or midsized business

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Help your employees avoid a hack

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