IBM Expertise & Solutions From Horizon

At Horizon, we understand that companies are challenged with the task of storing, managing, and analyzing larger data volumes than ever before. Organizations must rethink their approach to data storage and transform their data centers to keep up. Horizon’s partnership with IBM enables our customers to evolve with the changing demands of data storage.

As an IBM Premier Business Partner, Horizon has achieved a high level of IBM expertise. We give our customers access to certified experts in IBM storage and servers, including IBM Spectrum Suite and IBM Power Systems.

IBM Storage

Horizon provides our clients with IBM Storage solutions so they can manage, protect, and optimize their data storage.

When Horizon customers implement IBM Storage, they lay a software-defined foundation for hybrid multicloud, enabling them to be more agile and flexible. Beyond storing data more efficiently, IBM Storage protects and secures data, as well as enabling artificial intelligence and cognitive analytics.

IBM Storage solutions include:

  • IBM Spectrum Storage
  • Flash
  • Hybrid Flash
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Tape

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IBM Spectrum Storage

Horizon offers the entire IBM Spectrum Storage Suite. With IBM Spectrum Storage, companies can harness cognitive capabilities to access deeper insights into the significance of complex and unstructured data.

IBM Spectrum Storage is designed for data-driven infrastructures. This software-defined storage handles massive volumes of data with ease, providing data security, management, and protection.

Horizon customers that use IBM Spectrum Storage can:

  • Manage data at scale
  • Build hybrid multicloud
  • Secure and protect big data
  • Organize unstructured data

IBM Power

Horizon customers can transform their infrastructure by using IBM Power Systems to reach the high levels of performance needed for advanced analytics. Power servers are designed to handle compute-intensive workloads and can mine deep insights from data.

IBM Power servers can be an essential part of a company’s hybrid multicloud strategy because of their security and reliability. Horizon customers can achieve 99.999% reliability with IBM POWER9.

Horizon for IBM Solutions & Support

Our partnership with IBM exemplifies how we work to maintain certifications in top technology solutions. We offer best-in-breed storage solutions from IBM, along with the support needed to optimize them. Horizon is an IBM Premier Business Partner staffed by certified engineers. Our IBM experts can provide IBM consultations for your company and guide you through an upgrade or migration to IBM Storage solutions. We provide support and guidance for the entire lifecycle of your IBM solution.

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