• Web & Mobile

    Engage your customers, expand your reach, and share your brand with custom-designed websites, mobile apps and more.

  • In the digital age your first point of contact with a potential customer is your website, followed closely by your mobile app. Are you ready to make a great first impression with a modern, intelligently-designed, user-friendly website and mobile application? We can bring your brand to digital life.

    Horizon is your design partner, developing bespoke products for your unique business needs.  We elevate your business by understanding it, bringing your ideas to life, and giving you tools to engage your audience and increase your profit.

    How do we do that? By taking the time to understand your brand and your goals, and providing solutions custom built specifically to showcase your brand and meet those goals.

    Horizon's team of UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) designers utilize bleeding edge tools and scientific principles to ensure that your website or application is built for maximum effect. We look at the big picture to make sure that users have an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We look at the small details to ensure that users can follow a natural, logical path from start to finish, enjoying a seamless and streamlined interaction with your product.

    Once we've built your product it is thoroughly tested and vetted to ensure it meets our own high standards, and exceeds yours.

    • Our Work

      All our websites are built on a powerful, secure, open-source CMS, customized to meet your needs. Once we’ve built the site we will train you on how to get the best use from its easy-to-use interface so you can update your website at your convenience. If you ever have any questions, we’re just a phone call away.