• Network

    Your network is at the centre of your infrastructure. You expect it to operate flawlessly. That’s where we come in.

  • It’s the roadmap that your data follows to provide you with secure, efficient applications and services. You want and need that map to be clear and concise, and to consistently ensure data travels quickly and securely.

    We’re experts in finding the way forward for your network.

  • Cisco Network Solutions

    Scale innovation, reduce risk, increase productivity and accelerate operations with intent-based networking

    Cisco DNA (Digital Network Architecture) provides networking solutions that matter for your organization:

    • Cutting-edge network monitoring and defense
    • Access deep data quickly, at a granular level
    • Automate and virtualize processes by user type
    • Optimize mobile experiences for internal and external customers
    • Grow at your own pace, scaling up to match your innovation
    • Constantly updated to take advantage of opportunities and data insights



  • Cloud Cloud
    Store and access your data from the cloud, providing a secure, flexible network that reduces operational costs
    Infrastructure Infrastructure
    Horizon's experts work with you to develop a network infrastructure optimized to your needs and designed to grow with you
    Managed Network Services
    Managed Network Services
    Take advantage of powerful tools to manage your network, or let us do it for you
  • Ruckus

    Redefine connectivity with industry-specific network infrastructure solutions designed to meet and exceed your needs

    Redefine connectivity with industry-specific network infrastructure solutions designed to meet andRuckus, an ARRIS company, specializes in creating secure wired and wireless access networks built to enhance the experience of both your IT team and your end users. Products include:

    • High performance Wi-Fi access points (APs)—indoor, outdoor, mesh WiFi, 802.11ac Wave 2
    • SmartZone WLAN control and management for maximum network flexibility
    • Ruckus ICX network switches that deliver linear scaling, longer operational life and lower TCO
    • Secure device access software to securely and easily connect any user and any device on any network, including guest WiFi and BYOD
    • Smart location analytics that enables footfall analytics, asset tracking and location-based services exceed your needs