• Digital Workspace

    Where is your network and data at the greatest risk? Anywhere you’re not managing endpoint access.

  • Desktops, workstations, laptops, tablets, smartphones - these are all endpoints, and when they reach outside of your corporate ecosystem you are put at risk.

    Without a sound strategy and the tools to execute it, endpoint management can be very challenging. Consider that more and more employees are going fully mobile, and may be using their own devices to do company work - there needs to be policies in place to manage and protect the data available on these devices, while still providing flexibility for the end user.

    Horizon is your endpoint expert. We help you design and build policy-based security for all your networked devices, and provide tools and expertise to monitor and manage those devices simply and effectively. You save time and money, while decreasing your threat risk.

  • SPOTLIGHT: VMware Workspace ONE

    The next generation of digital workspaces, connecting, protecting and managing end users, applications and data

    Simplify • Unify • Modernize • Save

    Simplifies App Access and Management - Deliver secure access to cloud, mobile, web and Windows apps on any smartphone, tablet or laptop through a single catalog and a consumer-simple single sign-on (SSO) experience.

    Unifies Endpoint Management - Leverage a single platform to manage all devices regardless of ownership model - bring your own (BYO) to fully managed - and maintain complete employee privacy.

    Modernizes Windows 10 Management - Enable simple and secure user onboarding of Windows 10 endpoints with out-of-box enrollment (OOBE) using cloud-based device and app lifecycle management.

    Lowers Cost of Delivering Virtual Desktops and Apps - Radically transform traditional VDI with unprecedented simplicity, flexibility, speed and scale - all at a lower cost.