• Digital Transformation

    Don't let the sheer volume of data available to you slow you down. Horizon’s Information Governance tools make it easy to manage and use your data for maximum impact.

  • Compiling and managing all your data is vitally important to successfully run a modern business, yet traditional methods for managing information and records aren’t good enough anymore. A filing cabinet doesn’t account for the multidisciplinary nature of digital data, or mitigate risk, reduce costs or increase regulatory compliance. Information Governance practices fulfill these needs and more.

    Information Governance (IG) can be defined as the control of information to meet all legal, regulatory, risk and business demands of an organization. It’s a broad-reaching definition because IG impacts almost all parts of your infrastructure. It means that your information is collected, organized, utilized, and disposed of according to legal and regulatory guidelines. IG also covers the analysis and use of your data for business intelligence.

    Contact Horizon today to schedule as assessment of your IG readiness and we’ll help design and build a strategy customized for your unique needs.

  • Solution Feature: Box

    Transform your business with Cloud Content Management.

    With files scattered across different sharing tools, document management systems and storage infrastructure, enterprises face an impossible challenge keeping data secure, processes compliant and teams on the same page. That's where Box comes in. With Box, you get a single place to manage, secure, share and govern all of the content for your internal and external collaboration and processes.  And it connects to all your apps. That's why 80,000 customers and 69% of the Fortune 500 rely on Box to meet the demands of the digital age. 


  • Information Governance

    Information Governance, or IG, refers to the management of information. It’s a complex term that encompasses the vast amount of data that is at our disposal and has an effect on every single aspect of an organization. Information is one of your most valuable assets, and IG helps you implement processes, roles, controls and metrics to ensure that you not only get the most from your data, but that you also achieve regulatory compliance.

    Horizon is your Information Governance expert, here to help construct and maintain an effective IG program.