• Data Centre

    Your data is your most valuable resource. Horizon offers solutions designed make the most from your data, while keeping it safe.

  • When you take away all the physical trappings of your business, what you’re left with is data. Data on your products, staff and customers; proprietary knowledge about your IP’s, processes and strategies; important information about your competitors, suppliers, and the market. Whether it’s in the cloud or on your servers, your data is invaluable, and making sure that you get the most from it is vitally important.

    Horizon creates a customized, flexible solution to ensure that your data is being put to good use, and is kept safe and secure. We offer unique solutions for cloud-based services, traditional data centres, hybrid solutions and much more.

  • Information Governance

    Information Governance, or IG, refers to the management of information. It’s a complex term that encompasses the vast amount of data that at our disposal and has an effect on every single aspect of an organization. Information is one of your most valuable assets, and IG helps you implement processes, roles, controls and metrics to ensure that you not only get the most from your data, but that you also achieve regulatory compliance.

    Horizon is your Information Governance expert, here to help construct and maintain an effective IG program.

  • Data Services

    Hyperconvergence Hyperconvergence
    Utilize bleeding edge software solutions to bring computing, storage and networking together into a single system that reduces complexity and increases scalability
    Date Centre Virtualization Data Centre Virtualization
    Create your own private cloud-based Data Centre to maximize resources, ensure compliance, optimize performance and automating data management.
    Remote Desktop Solutions Remote Desktop Solutions
    Give users and remote workers the ability to stay mobile while staying connected to your network, data and applications with a secure, efficient and flexible virtual desktop.
    Data Storage Data Storage
    Horizon is an expert at providing enterprise data storage solutions optimized to meet your space, hardware/software and budgetary needs.
    Analytics & Data Science Data Science
    With the help of experts from Horizon and data scientists from IBM, you can get more from your data, letting you use more of what you know and learn what you don’t.
  • Product Feature: Citrix XenDesktop

    Letting your employees do everything from anywhere.

    Secure, simple and effective, XenDesktop gives you access to individual apps, or a complete remote desktop from practically anywhere you have access to the internet. The innovative system designed by Citrix works seamlessly to optimize productivity with universal access to virtual apps, desktops and data from any device on any cloud, with the same performance as a local installation.   This powerful solution will save you time and resources and is compatible with Windows, Linux, web and SaaS applications.