• Continuity & Recovery

    The only worst-case scenario you need to worry about is the one where you didn’t call Horizon

  • Disaster can strike any time, and typically does. When a catastrophic failure occurs are your systems and data safe?

    Horizon Continuity & Recovery services ensure that in case of an emergency you can keep running your business, and get back to full operational readiness quickly and efficiently.

    Our team will work with you to identity and protect your vulnerabilities, and then create a plan to back-up your assets and restore them in case of disaster. When you need to put your plan into action, Horizon will be there to support you and help get you back to running your business, quickly.

  • Protect Yourself From:

    • Natural disasters such as tornadoes, floods, electrical storms, earthquakes
    • Unintentional human errors such as a spilled beverage or deleted files
    • Man-made catastrophes and intentional acts such as electrical fires, cut wires or vandalism
    • Cyber-breaches that corrupt or destroy data