• The Cloud

    Welcome to The Cloud, where your data and applications take on a new life, saving you time and resources, while increasing availability, speed and agility.

  • The Cloud is practically ubiquitous now, promising to free you from the physical constraints of computing. What does that actually mean for your organization? It means you have more tools at your disposal for computing, storage, back-up, and more.

    • Cloud Storage, Backup & Sync - Keeping your data in the cloud provides a flexible solution for storage ideal for enterprise applications and developers, serving data, archiving back-ups, syncing data across platforms and other innovate solutions.
    • Data Centre Virtualization - Create your own private cloud-based Data Centre to maximize resources, ensure compliance, optimize performance and automating data management.
    • Collaborate Effortlessly – using tools such as Microsoft SharePoint, you can stay connected to teammates no matter where they are, sharing data and communicating with ease.
    • Scale Simply – Cloud solutions let you utilize the right amount of IT services for any situation, which in turn means that you can grow, or shrink, resources to meet needs as they occur.