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    Horizon is Saskatchewan's premier Authorized Apple Service Facility. For in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs, you can rest easy knowing that your computer is in the hands of Certified Apple Technicians.

  • Horizon provides service, support, and training for Apple products. We offer a number of services beyond standard repairs, including data transfers, one-on-one training sessions, and our Spruce Up Your Mac special which provides a full check-up on your machine and a special price for Time Machine backups.

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  • iPhone Service

    We perform full service for warranty and out-of-warranty repairs on iPhone. AppleCare+ coverage, battery replacements, whole unit replacements, and more are all facilitated at Horizon.

    Come prepared! Here's what you can do before bringing in your phone for service:

    • Perform a backup. To ensure you don't lose any data, backups can be done to iCloud or by connecting your phone to a computer and using iTunes.
    • Turn off Find My iPhone. This option is found in your iCloud Settings.
  • Spruce Up Your Mac

    Is your Mac not performing as well as you want? Need a bit of a cleanup? Worried you've got something slowing you down? Spruce Up Your Mac is a great way to get a full diagnostic check-up and get your Mac going strong!

    Mahogany Package:

    • Includes comprehensive hardware diagnostics, malware/virus removal, storage breakdown and Time Machine set-up and back if the customer provides an external drive.

    Clean Out:

    • As an add on if you can request that we complete an internal dust out cleaning of your Macintosh.  There is a small additional charge for this service and depending on the model of the machine the charge will include shop supplies necessary to work on your computer.
  • Service Rates

    • General Repair

      iOS Diagnostic


      Mac Diagnostic


      In-Store Hourly Rate


      On-Site Hourly Rate


      Server-Related Service


      At-the-counter service


    • Spruce Up My Mac

      Mahogany  Package


    • Special Services

      Liquid Damage Diagnostic


      Adware/Malware Checkup


      Mac OS Install


      Mac to Mac Data Transfer
      *Data transfers from machines running OSX 10.6 or earlier are subject to additional charges. Machines must be in working condition or additional charges may apply.


      PC to Mac Data Transfer
      **Covers 1.5 Hours of labour for PC to Mac Data Transfer. PCs must be in working condition or additional charges may apply.


    • Training Rates

      In-Store One-on-One


      On-Site Training


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