Horizon - People, Process, Technology
  • You want to be secure, efficient, and optimized for success?You want Horizon

    Managing your IT can be a challenge. Horizon makes it easy for you by providing a complete suite of solutions designed to meet and exceed your needs every time.

  • Horizon is your complete IT solutions partner, providing customized options to help you:

    • increase network security
    • train staff on bleeding edge hardware/software
    • migrate and manage your data in the cloud
    • manage all your IT needs simply and securely
    • provide remote access to workers around the world
    • manage, sort, protect and analyze data and intellectual properties

    And much more

  • Digital Workspace Digital Workspace
    Where your data, applications and devices reach the edge of your corporate network and leave your control are Endpoints. Ensure your network remains safe and secure with our EndPoint Management services.
    Print Print
    Reduce operational costs, increase workplace efficiency and decrease your environmental footprint by managing your printer and print services. Horizon has partnered with global document management leader Xerox to provide all your printing solutions.
    It’s the roadmap that your data follows to provide you with secure, efficient applications and services. Horizon is your resident cartographer, designing, building, managing and optimizing your network to work seamlessly, which is exactly what you expect it to do.
    Data Centre Data Centre
    Your data is your most valuable asset. Keeping it safe, while still keeping it readily accessible, and actionable is vital for any business. We offer scalable solutions designed to provide bleeding edge security, optimized performance and actionable insights.
    Cloud Cloud
    Everyone is talking about “The Cloud,” but what does it mean for your business? Discover how taking your data from a physical location into the Cloud can reduce costs and increase operation efficiencies.
    Security Security
    There is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital security. Horizon’s certified experts work with you to build a customized solution to protect you from both internal and external risks, protecting your data and assets.
    Digital Transformation Digital Transformation
    Protecting, organizing and managing the vast amount of data at your fingertips is quite the challenge. Lucky for you that we’re up to the challenge, with Information Governance solutions designed to implement processes, roles, controls and metrics to ensure that you not only get the most from your data, but that you also achieve regulatory compliance.
    Collaboration Collaboration
    Take advantage of advanced tools, like Microsoft Sharepoint, that allow effective collaboration between teams and individuals no matter where they are located.
    Consultation Services Consulting
    As your IT partner, Horizon is an essential part of your toolbox, able to provide expert consultation on Information Governance, Data Science, Training, Staff Augmentation, Growth Strategies, new and existing projects and more. We remove the risk and make sure you do it right the first time.
    Web & Mobile
    Web & Mobile
    Make your first impression the best impression with an expertly designed website, mobile app, annual report, trade show booth, or practically anything you think of.
    Support Services Support Services
    Data storage, print management, cloud-based data services, IMAC. These are all vital elements for effectively managing your IT and running your business. Horizon gives you the best tools and training to get the most from these essential services.
    Total Care Managed Services
    Total Care Managed Services
    Enjoy all the benefits of an IT department without the massive investment needed to do it right. Total Care provides a customizable suite of IT services that allow you to increase operational efficiencies while reducing cost.