Getting The Best From The Best

When Mister Print, Saskatchewan’s largest print company, made the decision to upgrade to a top-of-the-line Xerox digital printer, they didn’t just get a printer, they got a partner. As the official distributor for Xerox products and services, Horizon has the team and the tools to deliver a full suite of integrated print services, and as Mister Print was going to discover, much more.

For over 25 years Mister Print has been helping their customers succeed by providing innovative solutions for all their print needs. Their ability to change and evolve with their customers and their industry is a big part of their own success. When it came time to make the next product evolution they knew exactly what they wanted.

“I believe that Xerox still has the best product in the market,” says Murray Timm, Operations Manager for Mister Print. That’s why Murray and his team chose the revolutionary Xerox® iGen® 5 digital printing press, which provides them with unprecedented flexibility and control over sizes, stocks, colours and practically every aspect of the printing process.

Horizon takes great pride in being the distributor for Xerox products and solutions, a designation earned because of their technological expertise, and commitment to superior service.

When Murray met with the Horizon team to plan the installation of their new printer, he was surprised when they inquired about his other technology needs. He wasn’t used to the level of service Horizon provides.

[Horizon said] here’s what we can do for you. Here’s all the steps. They had everybody who needed to be there at that meeting to explain it us and lay it out.
And it was done.
– Murray Timm, Operations Manager, Mister Print

Finding Opportunities To Create Success

With Mister Print moving into new offices the time was ideal to do an assessment of their IT infrastructure. Murray and his team identified some areas they wanted Horizon to review, such as telecommunications and network security, and even provided some budgetary parameters to work within.

The Horizon team quickly identified coverage gaps and found opportunities to not only improve workflow efficiencies at Mister Print, but to also save money at the same time when working between their two offices. They presented their findings to Murray, who was impressed with Horizon’s streamlined, logical, cost-efficient plan.

For over twenty years Horizon has been a complete IT solutions partner for enterprise clients. We take pride in providing the same attention to detail and dedication to excellence for each partner and every project, no matter the size.

Doing More Because We Can

As the Mister Print team began the process of moving into their new office, Horizon was ready, working hand-in-hand with them to implement new tools and technologies.

In addition to the Xerox® iGen® 5, Mister Print also upgraded to a new FortiVoice IP phone system that allows for greater control over communications between Mister Print’s offices and field agents. Murray appreciated that Horizon presented a customizable phone system that reduced Mister Print’s monthly costs while still providing a suite of useful features such as building paging, voicemail-to-email, a virtual receptionist, and more.

As well, after a security assessment, Horizon helped Mister Print secure their network by installing a NexGen FortiNet state-of-the-art firewall that serves to protect Mister Print and their customer’s data, while allowing for the smooth and fast transfer of information between offices in different cities.

Of course, like any project not everything goes according to plan, but the difference with Horizon is that any issues are found fast and corrected immediately. When any variance was noted Horizon provided  clear solutions to Mister Print and then followed through on them.

Horizon’s approach was direct and included all the details without any fluff.
I don’t like fluff.
– Murray Timm

Horizon places great value in being a valued partner for clients, a trait regularly showcased by going above and beyond expectations. Mister Print experienced this when the Horizon team found and fixed a network issue caused by a third-party provider, helping to improve overall efficiency and workflow. A relationship with Horizon means clients can focus on their business, not their IT.

When all was said and done Mister Print was moved into their new facility with a state-of-the-art digital press, a powerful telecommunications solution and streamlined digital components that allowed them to speed up their processes, which in turn means more business and more success.

Horizon is proud to have played a small role in the success of Mister Print, providing tools and support so that Murray and his team can focus on what they do best: being the best printer in Saskatchewan.

When our partners succeed, so do we. Call Horizon today, we provide solutions