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Xerox Print Services: More Than Just Printers

You click the print button, get the document, and go about your business without giving the printer, or the network that connects you to it, another thought. Printers and print services are one of the most taken-for-granted services that any IT department manages.  

With a little help from Horizon, you can optimize your print services to reduce operational costs, increase workplace efficiency, and decrease your environmental footprint. 

Horizon offers a full suite of print services for organizations of all sizes, including: 

  • Managed Print Services
  • Digital Color Print Solutions
  • Production Print Solutions
  • Multi-Function/All-In-One Printers

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Horizon: Your Exclusive Distributor for Xerox Print Services

Horizon has teamed up with global document management leader Xerox to provide all your printing solutions, including: 

  • Managed Print Services to achieve long-term business results by improving document processes, accelerating workflow, and improving operational efficiencies
  • Workflow Automation to increase productivity and efficiency by automating common processes
  • Enterprise Content Management to capture, store, and share documents on-premises or in the cloud, automate HR processes, accounts payable, contract management, and more
  • Centralized Print Services to connect all your printers to the network, where you can monitor and control them in real time
  • Industry Specific Solutions to take advantage of Xerox’s expertise in providing solutions customized for the unique needs of your specific industry
  • Xerox Print Software through our partnership with Xerox
    Xerox DocuShare is a content management solution that can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud. Xerox DocuShare is a highly customizable team collaboration tool

Managed Print & Automated Services

Managed Print Services encompass all aspects of printing: hardware, software, people, and processes. Benefits include: 

  • Reducing your environmental impact through a combination of employing energy-effective equipment and managing paper consumption that dramatically reduces your waste and energy production
  • Cost reductions identified through a thorough evaluation of your print infrastructure so we can provide hardware, software, and process solutions designed to increase efficiency and decrease cost
  • Network print management by connecting all printers allowed in your network for your team to monitor and manage in real time from any location, with any brand of printer
  • Automated print services turn slow, paper-based processes — such as routing and approvals — into automated, digital ones

Horizon is proud to announce that we are now offering PRINTSolv, a solution that enables companies to proactively assess, monitor, and manage customers’ printing environments.

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