IT Consulting

Why Companies Turn to IT Consulting

Technology changes rapidly, and companies need to evolve to stay competitive. However, they struggle to keep their IT staff up-to-date on the newest solutions. Budgetary constraints may prevent organizations from hiring full-time experts in targeted areas.

Working with an IT consultant gives companies access to certified experts who know what options are out there that provide the best solutions for your business.

Horizon has a team of specialized experts available to enhance a client’s current team and provide expertise and solution strategies in areas including data centre, compute, storage, networking, security, and information governance.

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Horizon IT Consulting Services

We offer a wide range of IT Consulting Services to help clients with everything from infrastructure and analytics to hiring.

Infrastructure: We handle all aspects of technology infrastructure, including endpoint, print, network, data centre, business continuity, disaster recovery, and security.

Data Science: We uncover which types of analytics are best suited for your company and help you gain valuable insights from data.

Procurement: Horizon helps with the purchase of IT products and participates in negotiated special pricing with all of our industry-leading vendors.

Information Governance: Our services include asset management, file sharing, electronic document storage and imaging, and multiple use solutions.

Networking: We can keep your network secure, fast, and reliable by providing regular health checks and assisting with network architecture design, deployment, management, monitoring, and optimization.

Staff Augmentation: We are continually prescreening candidates to ensure we maintain the best talent possible and provide qualified resources to our clients within 5 business days.

Training: We provide training/coaching for your employees so they can get up to speed on evolving technologies and processes.

Horizon for IT Consulting

Our clients may know where they need to be, but they reach out to us for a roadmap on how to get there. We have been providing IT Consulting and solutions for 25 years. We know technology.

Horizon works collaboratively with our clients to support their current and future needs. Our belief in creating strong relationships helps our clients realize a proactive approach with Horizon as a strategic partner.

We have developed a methodology that nurtures effective working business partnerships with our clients. Our team integrates with our client team to effectively understand both their strategic and operational challenges and provide valuable solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

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