Preparing for Threats to Network Infrastructure

The network is both the heart of the data centre and a key point of vulnerability. Companies need to prevent and defend against attacks that may infiltrate the network. Many organizations face ransomware attacks, and companies in high-risk industries experience targeted attacks.

How Secure Is Your Company’s IT Network?

Find network security risks and eliminate them with a Horizon Security Assessment.


Leading Network & Cybersecurity Solutions

Horizon partners with leaders in network and network security solutions:

  • Cisco Network Solutions provide cutting-edge network monitoring and defense
  • Aruba offers secure wireless networking for SMBs
  • Fortinet develops cybersecurity software for the network, including firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, and anti-virus
  • Ruckus designs industry-specific network solutions with secure access

Why Go to Horizon for Network Solutions

Horizon is staffed with certified network experts. We provide security health checks and gap assessments for network security. Our network experts can help your company create a roadmap toward a safer, more reliable, and faster network.

How to Better Secure the Network

Uncover how to best secure and monitor your company’s network.