Data Centre

Managing Information in the Big Data Era

Companies need to cope with ever-rising data volumes. The right data centre solutions enable organizations to manage big data effectively and efficiently. Horizon helps our clients handle big data and embrace an expanding definition of what data storage means.

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Redefining the Meaning of Data Storage & Business Intelligence

To rethink their approaches to data centre infrastructure, companies need to look to storage virtualization, remote desktop, and the cloud. A company’s data centre solutions should align with information management goals. An enterprise may want to use a data lake for analysis while an SMB may want to make better use of business data.

Horizon partners with leaders in data centre solutions:

  • IBM Storage for Power Systems, hybrid cloud, and Spectrum
  • Lenovo for DAS, NAS, and SAN
  • Cisco for SAN and data-optimized servers
  • HP for enterprise-level storage, SAN, NAS, and cloud
  • RedHat for automation and data management software

Why Go to Horizon for Data Centre Solutions & Services

Horizon has built up trust over the years as a provider of data centre solutions. We take a personalized approach to working with our data centre clients. Our staff has sales and technical training in IBM storage. We can provide both data centre hardware and software solutions. Horizon is a local provider offering a high-level of storage expertise in a small market.

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