Building & Managing Modern Canadian Data Centres

Getting a Handle on Big Data

You’ve probably noticed that data volumes keep rising. Your company is generating more data from more sources than ever before. And the tide of information shows no sign of receding.

The right data centre solutions can empower you to do more than cope with big data. They can help you manage information so you get more value from it. Horizon provides the data centre solutions and services that you need to expand your definition of data storage so you can get big data under control.

Transform Your Data Centre

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A New Look at Data Storage & Business Intelligence

To rethink your approach to data centre infrastructure, you need to look to storage virtualization, remote desktop, and the cloud. Your data centre solutions should match up with information management goals. If you’re an enterprise, you may want to use a data lake for analysis; whereas, if you’re an SMB, you may want to make better use of business data.

Storing information using the latest data centre technologies is the first step to turning data into insights.

We partner with leaders in data centre solutions, allowing you to tailor data storage and management to your analytics goals:

IBM Storage for Power Systems, hybrid cloud, and Spectrum

Lenovo for DAS, NAS, and SAN

Cisco for SAN and data-optimized servers

HP for enterprise-level storage, SAN, NAS, and cloud

RedHat for automation and data management software

Why Go to Us for Data Centre Solutions & Services?

We have built up trust over the years as a provider of data centre solutions. That’s because we take an individualized approach to working with you. We combine a personal touch with expert know-how. Our staff has sales and technical training in IBM storage and we can provide both data centre hardware and software solutions. As a local provider, we offer a high-level of storage expertise in a small market. We probably have a location near you.

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