Creating a Remote Workplace With Collaboration Services

Business collaboration has been recognized as a great way to boost employee innovation and satisfaction for a while now. More recently, the importance of managing remote workplaces has become clear. Companies must be prepared to transition every employee to a remote workplace if it becomes necessary. Collaboration tools and services make this move possible. Horizon Collaboration Solutions help our clients do their jobs better and create a flexible and modern workplace.

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Leading Collaboration Solutions

Using Collaboration Solutions empowers employees to work from anywhere. Workers stay connected using web conferencing and messaging tools. Project teams can share documents and information while maintaining version control.

Horizon offers Collaboration Managed Services and collaboration tools from the Microsoft Office 365 Suite. Microsoft Teams helps employees stay connected and converse quickly and easily. Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive allow project team members to store, share, and edit documents.

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Horizon gives our clients access to the entire Microsoft Office 365 Suite of collaboration tools. Our team works closely with companies to ensure that their collaboration strategy fulfills business goals. In the face of change, we help organizations embrace the next level of business collaboration.

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