Cloud Computing for Enterprise Organizations

Using the Cloud With Purpose

Most likely you are using cloud in some form or another. But are you using the cloud wisely?

Whether you are using hybrid, public, private, or multicloud, you want to get the biggest return possible from your cloud investment. We can advise you on cloud strategy and management for maximum ROI.


Get Your Cloud Projects Funded

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What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

Horizon can help you revamp your approach to data centre using the cloud. Private cloud allows you to virtualize the data centre. Adopting hybrid cloud puts data protection and disaster recovery capabilities in your hands. Collaborative software, such as Microsoft SharePoint, can be hosted in the cloud so your workforce can stay connected wherever they are located and can work together to innovate.

Why Go to Horizon for the Cloud?

We offer cloud from the top providers:

  • IBM Cloud for cognitive capabilities
  • Microsoft Azure for hybrid cloud and DevOps opportunities
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) for an easy-to-manage and flexible infrastructure

At Horizon, we have IT Services for Hybrid Cloud that help you manage cloud integrations and turn a profit with your cloud strategy.

Fund Your New Cloud Strategy

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