The newly designed website highlights the Company’s commitment to providing innovative customer-focused technology solutions

May 16, 2018 – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada – Horizon Computer Solutions Inc. (“Horizon” or the “Company), a full-service IT company, today proudly announced the launch of their re-designed corporate website. Developed from the ground up, the new site provides an optimized overview of the many product and service solutions that allow Horizon’s clients to focus on their business, not their IT.

The site was designed and created by Horizon’s own team of industry experts, drawing on best practices for marketing, branding, web design, user interface and user experience, to ensure a worthwhile and rewarding experience for new and current clients across all platforms.

“As our company and our industry evolves to embrace new technologies and put them to work for our clients, our website reflects that evolution,” said Raj Randhawa, CEO. “We focus on people, then processes and then the technologies that can bring them all together seamlessly. The new is a great example of how we do that: leveraging the expertise of our entire team to design an online tool that gives clients the information they want and need, utilizing our experience to manage the project from start to finish, and choosing the best technology tools and practices to ensure that our site is brought to life.”

The new website is already active and will be updated regularly with informative and useful information that will be of benefit to any business. Visitors are encouraged to explored the new website and sign up for updates delivered directly to their inbox. To contact the Company please visit

About Horizon Computer Solutions Inc.

Horizon has been solving technology problems for our partners for over thirty years, growing with them and expanding our expertise and offerings to meet their needs. Today our mission is to provide the most actionable solutions and support for our clients, to ensure that we are constantly responsive to the changing needs and opportunities provided by technology.

The strength of our business is our people. Not only do we employ the best and brightest in all touchpoints of business, our team members are also salaried, with no commission or bonus incentives. This ensures the best interests of our clients are always at the core of every strategy, which is why we are able to provide the most actionable solutions and support for customers locally, throughout Canada and around the world.

But we don’t do it alone.

We collaborate with partners to determine their needs, and leverage our strategic partnerships with leading, tech manufacturers to find the best solution to meet those needs. Together, we create a comprehensive IT support system that’s designed to increase network uptime, reduce costs, and improve the reliability and efficiency of our clients’ entire IT infrastructure.

Let’s work together to achieve your business goals.