• Horizon is growing... Welcome Trey Niebergall


    Trey is joining our Horizon Team as our Apple Manager for our Apple Retail location!

    "As a Manager, I am in charge of inspiring my team to create exciting engagements with our customers on the sales floor. I am also in charge of guiding our talented service technicians who provided device support and in-store training, while working in partnership with our the business team. And behind the curtains, I oversee operations such as inventory and merchandising. I actively build my team - hiring, training, and developing team members in all these disciplines and more. Giving the customer the best experience possible is my #1 goal."   - Trey, Apple Manager.

    A Little About Trey:     Hobbies include Collecting vintage shaving gear; including straight razors. "I also do a lot of 3dPrinting at home. And shockingly, I am a tech nerd, so I always enjoy getting the latest gadgets."

    Favorite Movies:     Star Wars Trilogy (The originals, not the prequels), anything Marvel, and The Boondock Saints.

    Favorite Music:     My music tastes are pretty eclectic, ranging from Heavy Metal to Weird Al, basically anything but country.