The Results Are In!

Last month, Horizon Computer Solutions partnered with Lenovo to give away five ThinkSmart View personal assistantsAnd the results are in! 

ThinkSmart View is a collaborative smart device that works from an individual’s workspace, tackling administrative tasks that waste a PC’s resources.  

“I use mine every day,” Horizon’s Raj Randhawa said. “It allows me to conduct Microsoft Teams calls, and it has a webcam built into it. I can look at my calendar and stay organized throughout the whole day. It’s just a fantastic device for the office!” 

Below are the lucky recipients of the ThinkSmart View, but all entrants will receive a $50 off coupon for a ThinkSmart View for entering our contest: 

  • Jason Wadden, KeyLeaf, SaskatoonSK 
  • Lakhvir Singh, City of Regina, ReginaSK
  • Kelly Copp, People Corporation, WinnipegMB
  • Loresto Jimenez, University of Winnipeg, WinnipegMB
  • Varinder Dhanju, SIGA, Saskatoon, SK 

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