Company Overview

Horizon: Experts in the evolving world of IT so you don’t need to be.

For over 30 years, Horizon Computer Solutions has been growing with our customers by expanding our expertise and service offerings to meet their needs. We collaborate with your company to determine your goals and leverage our strategic partnerships with leading tech manufacturers to find the best solution to meet your requirements.

Together, we create a comprehensive IT support system that’s designed to increase network uptime, reduce costs, and improve the reliability and efficiency of your entire IT infrastructure.

The strength of our business is our people. Not only do we employ the best and brightest, but our team members work for salary, not a commission, ensuring that your best interests are at the core of every technology strategy we develop for you.

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The Horizon Story

From its beginnings, Horizon has grown to more than 50 employees serving a large roster of enterprise and government customers spread across Canada.

Horizon was founded in 1995 by four twenty-somethings who were looking for something to do in the computer business after the company they worked for closed down. We had technical and sales knowledge, as well as an understanding of how to run a back office, so we opened a storefront to sell PCs, most of which we made ourselves.

Before long, we began reselling brand-name PCs and providing services so we could scale the business. Our location in the relatively small city of Saskatoon turned out to be an advantage, because there wasn’t much competition.

By investing in people with the right skills, thinking in the long term, and building trusted relationships with our clients, we continued to grow organically as we expanded into data center design and enterprise solutions.

Horizon has evolved to provide many lines of IT solutions and services.

  • Digital Workplace Solutions: intranets, websites, document & records management
  • Data Center Solutions: data storage, virtualization, cloud, networking & security
  • Professional Services: architecture, security, project management, business analysis & application development
  • Managed Services: service desk, disaster recovery, security & print

Company Values


We support and promote our people working together to achieve common goals. Together, we adapt, overcome, and innovate.


We honor the rights and beliefs of our team members, customers, shareholders, suppliers, and our community. Our relationships are defined with dignity, equality, fairness, and trust.


We conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards through the rights and beliefs of our team members, customers, shareholders, suppliers, and our community, demonstrating honesty, equality, and fairness in every task we undertake.


We are leaders in providing value to our team members, clients, shareholders, suppliers, and the community.


We accept our individual and team responsibilities and honour our commitments. We take responsibility for our performance in all our decisions and actions.

What’s on the Horizon

At Horizon, we have a vision for the future.

During the last few years, we have seen massive growth and change at Horizon, so we decided now was the time to take a good, hard look at ourselves to see what actually makes us tick. The harder we looked, the more we realized that — when you strip everything away — what we actually do is provide the right solutions to our clients for their unique business needs.

With that in mind, we are proud to launch our new Vision Statement:

Empowering Your Business With Innovative People, Process & Technology

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