How to Check Your Emergency Inbox

Create and track your support tickets.

Horizon has set up a portal for clients/customers to view the progress and history of their tickets. It’s a read-only solution that allows them to gather information about ongoing issues, and trends.

Access the portal:

2.  Log in with your credentials

  • NOTE: If you don’t know your password click the “Forgot your password” link on the bottom. Your username is always your email address

3. Once you’re logged in, from here, you can go directly to the Emergency Inbox from the main heading bar

4. This will open a window that shows the inbox with all the mail. It will allow you to send messages, and receive while the server is down.

  • NOTE: Make sure popup blocker is disabled for this site

5. Once the server is back up the mail will sync to exchange again 


If there is a problem viewing the site or questions about tickets, use, etc… then please contact the service desk by emailing to: