Mobility once meant convenient access to company email from any computer, but this has changed. Now mobility is synonymous with business collaboration on an unprecedented scale.

IBM MaaS360® unlocks your organization’s true productivity and can facilitate real work in real time. It allows users to collaborate anytime, anywhere – from their personal devices with secure mobile access to corporate data without an on-device VPN.

Built for the cloud, MaaS360 and its easy-to-use interface gives IT teams the ability to separate corporate and personal information across different categories of end users, devices, data, and apps. With centralized policy supervision, it reduces management time with true visibility into the activity and status of each device.

MaaS360’s total device management solution also delivers:

  • Enterprise-wide security

    Full control and protection of email, apps, docs, and the web for work

    Individual device security

    Protection and encryption of corporate data, separating it from the rest of the device

    App management

    A shield that protects enterprise apps from unauthorized access and secures confidential information

  • Enterprise data and analytics

    Integration through an elegant user experience

    Enterprise infrastructure integration

    Operation with existing file stores like SharePoint, Exchange, Office 365, and others through MaaS360 Cloud Extender

    Individual device security

    The ability to configure, lock, disable, or wipe any mobile device or tablet remotely while leaving personal data untouched, and these MaaS360 features are just the beginning.

And these MaaS360 features are just the beginning.

Harness the power of true mobility.

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