Lexmark Enterprise Software

Application harmony.

Today’s enterprise software is large and complex and often doesn’t pair easily, if at all, with other applications your business utilizes. What if there was a way to bridge the gap between your structured core business systems and the information that lies outside your view? A way that not only improves financial performance and manages risk, but also ensures flexibility for the future.

Lexmark Enterprise Software offers a cost-effective method of doing just that.

Instead of spending hours trying to figure out your data, you’ll gain insight into all your processes without the hassle.

In the place of missed opportunities, you’ll make fully informed decisions at the moment you need to, since Lexmark Enterprise Software derives real value from your organization’s content by connecting it with the business processes that need it. Because in the end, it really all comes down to content and context.

Whether you’re operating an AP or HR department, student admissions office, or patient finance group, documents and other unstructured content fuel the daily business activities that drive your business forward. Lexmark Enterprise Software takes that content, regardless of format, and delivers it instantly in the context of your specific business processes, applications, and people.

Get the power and flexibility you need to deliver solutions that adapt to content created by your on-the-move workforce and the ever-evolving world of regulation and compliance.

LES benefits your bottom line:

  • Accounts payable automation approves with a single click
  • Automated workflow ensures tasks are done in the correct sequence
  • Electronic capture, data extraction, and workflow improve daily operations
  • Improves efficiency of print output and ensures confidential information is protected
  • Saves IT resources and optimizes your print infrastructure

Horizon is a certified Lexmark Enterprise Software partner

We’re ready to help you meet your business challenges with a customized solution that’s built for your specific needs and company culture. We’ll ensure deep functional integration with your existing systems, which includes complete information lifecycle management that delivers across the enterprise.

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