Business Collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint

Connect, Engage, and Organize through SharePoint.  

New technology adoption and data growth in the always-on world has propelled the drive for more innovation and a faster push to market. With the need to connect across the organization and share data, your filing system and access to company data shouldn’t act as a major barrier to agility and innovation.

Let our Horizon team introduce you to Microsoft SharePoint. This proven program extends the collaborative power of your employees and creates a single, secure location where files are easily accessible. Because it is easily installed on servers and any other device, employees can create a central point for projects, collaborate anywhere at any time, share documents, and best of all, keep files organized so your employees can stay focused on your business objectives.

Our technicians can discuss the value SharePoint can bring to your organization. We have the capabilities to install and custom-build flexible storage solutions – as well as the graphic design skills to incorporate your organization’s color scheme and distinct lettering. Because of SharePoint’s powerful controls, you’ll see real savings in cost, risk, and time management.