Procurement as a Service (PaaS)

Shaping your IT and infrastructure needs for both your present and future requirements.

Horizon will work with you to define strategic IT Infrastructure needs and develop a plan based on defined requirements and SLA’s. Horizon is manufacturer agnostic. As the technology market place changes over time, we work with you to ensure that your current and future needs are being met. Our team will work directly with you to develop an IT procurement strategy for current and future requirements. As a product neutral business partner, Horizon has been able to save its customers significant time and money through its PaaS service.

After evaluating the customer’s business requirements, Horizon undertakes to search the marketplace for suitable solutions, saving our customers valuable time and resources. These solutions are thoroughly architected, researched, and evaluated. In concert with our customer, recommendations are brought forward and implemented. By using Horizon’s IT PaaS, the customer organization is able to evaluate only those solutions that best fit their needs.

Even though technology tools have been brought in as an enabler, more often than not these are adding further skill pressures to an already over-utilized department. Suddenly the supply chain officer is expected to be an expert in every category. PaaS helps to fill the gaps in your workforce, and acts as an extension of your existing teams to accelerate the entire procurement lifecycle by enabling the right experts to use the right tools and apply the right expertise – quickly, easily, and affordably.

Horizon IT PaaS helps businesses share the complexity of procurement processes and, in many cases, assists internal staff with the burden of solution architecting, evaluation, and procurement altogether. We identify where organizations will be best served with external procurement support, and then deliver it, allowing internal procurement staff to concentrate on their core business objectives and targets.

Our IT procurement specialists offer expertise across the following service lines:

    • Advisory Services
      To manage IT project based sourcing and consultancy as well as end-to-end initiative management. We do the necessary research to thoroughly understand the problem.
    • Category & Market Insights
      Provide analysis of IT market and industry reports and periodicals.
    • Benchmarking
      Product-to-product price comparisons.
    • Tactical Buying
      Provide Sourcing support including the preparation of RFI, RFP & RFQ as well as low value orders (LVO) & sourcing projects. Negotiations with manufacturers for deep discounts.