IT Security Services

Certified security resources to keep your network safe now and help you build plans for the future.

Horizon is an IT consulting provider servicing clients across Canada to large and small enterprises.  Horizon was been providing security consulting around data for over 21 years.  Security is a complex and ever evolving threat that every organization needs to monitor and mitigate.  

We have certified security resources that can assist your company in identifying and reducing information security risks, facilitating compliance, and reaching your business goals.

Security assessment services

    • Security Officer Advisory Services
    • Security Architecture
    • Solution Integration
    • Red Team Assessments
    • Vulnerability Assessments
    • Cyber Threat Assessment – Limited time free (Value of $5,000)
    • Penetration Testing
    • Forensics and Investigations
    • Social Engineering
    •  Risk Management
    •  Threat and Risk Assessments
    •  Web Application Security Consulting
    •  Governance Consulting

Security Layer

Strategy, Policy and Procedure

Network – Firewall, demilitarized zone, data loss prevention

Platform – Antivirus software, patching, security specifications for systems

Application – Securing coding, Security Specifications

Data – File and data encryption, Enterprise rights management

Response – Monitoring, intrusion, detection, remediation’s

Cyber Threat Assessment


  • Horizon’s Cyber Threat Assessment provides clients with in-depth information about the current state of their network, covering key areas of security threats, productivity and performance.
  • This assessment doesn’t interrupt your existing infrastructure. Our assessment tool will be placed onsite for up to 7 days.  We will analyze the logs and present our finding in the Cyber Threat Assessment report.
  • Cyber Threat Assessments are non-intrusive to your environment and you do not need to sign any legal agreements.

Our Security Partners

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Big Fix
Q Radar
Dell Kace