Web Application Performance Monitoring with Dell Foglight

Application Performance Monitoring that Maximizes ROI.  

When you maximize the performance of your web applications, you maximize revenue streams. It’s as simple as that. Dell’s Foglight application performance monitoring (APM) solution puts you in the driver’s seat to ensure positive end-user experience. It empowers application support, IT operations, development, DevOps, and business stakeholders with vital information that’s more than just data, and it eliminates downtime by resolving issues faster. APM also manages high volume and reduces risks associated with new application launches, mobile or cloud migrations and technology upgrades.

Whether its performance monitoring capabilities for database, virtualization or storage, Foglight APM gives you a bird’s eye view of your IT by leveraging reporting on business functions across all IT silos. Now you can report in real time on the status of key issues and better align IT with your business goals.

Foglight features include:

  • User Experience Monitoring

    See performance and content of your end users.


    Join data and its relationships across all database activity.

  • Analytics

    Gain actionable insight through dashboards that organize your big data into business intelligence.


    Allow others to see what you’re seeing and spark innovation by extending monitoring data to other stakeholders.

Horizon is your partner in helping you implement solutions that work for your IT environment and business. Dell Foglight can be part of your solution to maximize ROI and enhance teamwork.

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