IT Infrastructure Total Care

Reduce IT Costs and Transform the Future of IT Management

  • Digital communication is essential in today’s business world. Yet, legacy network topologies of many organizations face challenges. They need to provide quality user experience at a reasonable cost and scale in an environment of ubiquitous mobile, virtualized, and digital engagement.

Horizon is your partner in meeting these challenges with solutions that increase network uptime, reduce costs, and improve the reliability and efficiency of your entire IT infrastructure.

Our Total Care provides a proven, comprehensive approach to integrating your business processes, social, mobile, and analytic tools to optimize workflows, collect data, and spark innovation. The Total Care experience includes Bookkeeping, Web, HelpDesk, Applications, Email, Print, Data, and Security—all you need to thrive in the new idea economy.

    • Web

      We build and design your online presence by utilizing the latest SEO tools and solutions to capture prospect information and deliver return customers.
    • HelpDesk

      24x7x365 remote monitoring and support on your entire system to ensure network is functioning at highest capacity.
    • Applications

      Develop custom software for businesses based on your unique needs.
    • Email

      We’ll store, archive, and protect your email in a searchable system that’s easily accessible for your employees.
    • Print

      Our certified printer technicians keep your printing network humming smoothly. We’re also Lexmark authorized, enabling your business to rent or lease a Lexmark printer.
    • Data

      We help protect data through Total Care Backups and spark collaboration with anywhere, anytime remote access to company data.
    • Security

      Get both firewall and anti-virus protection. Our technicians monitor your network’s traffic, including mobile, to ensure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections that provide wherever, whenever employee access to information.  

Total Care Security

Horizon Total Care Security

Proactive protection to keep your network safe.

Security is an umbrella term to describe both firewall and anti-­virus installation and maintenance. Another way of looking at security is to consider it protection from harmful attacks on your network. By using proper security measures, you have more control over the information that passes in and out of your system.

At Horizon, security falls within the group of Total Care Services, which are designed with prevention, rather than problem solving, in mind. During office hours, Horizon’s team of technicians monitor your network’s traffic at the point of entry from Horizon’s Network Operations Centre, and all devices can be programmed to automatically block both incoming and outgoing information based on a list of keywords. With proper security protection, your business can even enjoy Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections from home to work.

Total Care Bookkeeping

Horizon Total Care Bookkeeping

Expert bookkeeping services for your every need.

Do what you do best, and let us take care of the rest

Horizon Total Care Bookkeeping Service for small business

  • GST and PST preparation, filing and balancing
  • Payroll, payslips, T4’s aand ROE’s
  • Month end reporting
  • Bill payments and accounts payable
  • Client invoicing and accounts receivable
  • Bank/ Credit card reconciliation.
  • T-2 Annual Return

Total Care Data

Horizon Total Care Data

Keeping your data safe and secure.

When thinking of your business’ assets, data may not come to mind first, but it should. Your data is everything that allows you to do business; it’s tracking your sales, ordering your supplies, and communicating with other businesses. All your data is too important to your business to be neglected.

Total Care Backups from Horizon is a series of data protection services that allow your business access to your data at any time. Digital backups allow your business’ data to be copied and stored in a safe location, whether on or off-site at Canadian data centres, for retrieval whenever you require. Systems put in place by Horizon’s team of certified technicians can be set to back up your data at regular intervals, as often as every hour, to ensure any changes made to your data are saved virtually as they happen.

Backing up your business’ data ensures minimal downtime for your business in the event of a problem. Contact Horizon today to discuss your business’ data security needs.   

Total Care Web

Horizon Total Care Web

Designing, developing and maintaining your online identity.

The Internet is currently one of the largest marketing tools a business has access to. The Internet is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way for businesses to be in touch with their customers.

Horizon’s Total Care Web services can help your business stay on top of Internet marketing. Qualified designers and developers can help your business create a functional and effective website from the ground up, to suit your business’ specific needs. With your input we can design and develop a website to suit your business' unique style. Email addresses for your company are also included with all Horizon websites.

Horizon’s Total Care Web takes care of hosting your site so your focus stays on your customers, where it should be, and not on making sure your site is running effectively. To get a functional website working for your business, contact Horizon today.   

Total Care Help Desk

Horizon Total Care Help Desk

Remote monitoring and support for your critical network tasks.

Your technology should always help your business function at full capacity, however, sometimes problems can occur. Total Care Help Desk was developed to ensure that your technology is working at its best for you at all times, and when it’s not, there’s someone you can call.

The Total Care Help Desk employs remote monitoring and support systems to monitor all desktop and laptop computers in your business to ensure that the network is functioning at its highest capacity. Total Care Help Desk provides unlimited phone and remote support during office hours, as well as 24/7 notifications on your system’s performance.

Horizon’s trained Total Care Help Desk team monitors your network so you don’t have to. Contact Horizon to discuss incorporating Help Desk services into your IT plan today.

Total Care Applications

Horizon Total Care Applications

Custom application development for any task.

Some businesses require the creation of specialized software to operate most effectively and efficiently. These applications can be anything from a specific program to help streamline work, or even an interactive website.

Horizon’s Total Care Applications department can create effective solutions for your business’ custom software needs. From specialized registration systems, to client booking systems, GPS map management, and more, the experienced developers at Horizon can help. Our developers will work with you to share your vision for the program or site.

In some cases, there may be software available to help with your needs, however, the Total Care Apps department can customize or build software that fill your requirements. If your business is in need of specialized software to aid any processes, contact Horizon to discuss customized applications.

Total Care Email

Horizon Total Care Email

Total email management with advanced archiving, indexing, and filtering capabilities.

Effective communication is one of the most important tools a business has. Email communication has become the number one power application in the world, but it’s difficult to effectively communicate using email if you’re not properly protected.

Total Care Email from Horizon will ensure that your business is able to use this valuable tool to your benefit. Email protection involves the storage of your company emails. With Horizon, all your business emails are archived to a separate device and stored permanently.  Archived emails are indexed, so searches are immediate and accurate. Your deleted emails can always be searched; you never know when you’ll need access to old communications.

Horizon’s Total Care Email also provides virus scanning on all emails and has the ability to scan content for customized keywords, foul language, and even personal content. Contact Horizon to discuss your business’ email needs.

Total Care Print

Horizon Total Care Print

Our certified printer technicians keep your printing network at peak performance, the only think you need to worry about is the paper.

While the Internet and email have made many communications digital, there are some industries and businesses that are primarily reliant on paper. If your business’ printers are experiencing problems, it can create major downtime.

Horizon is Lexmark authorized, meaning your business can rent or lease a Lexmark printer through Horizon and Total Care Print will take care of all maintenance and repairs. All your business is responsible for is the paper.

If your business already has printers, Horizon’s certified printer technicians are able to service any Lexmark printer, order parts and toner, often under warranty, saving your business money.

Call Horizon to discuss incorporating Lexmark printers and Total Care Print services into your business today.