Lifecycle Management with Dell KACE

Hassle-free Automated Systems Management Support.

As an IT director, there’s a lot you have to juggle. From managing initial system deployment, software distribution, security updates, backups, help desk support, compliance reporting, and more, it’s becoming more and more difficult to focus on strategy and align IT with your business goals. Not to mention, these leaders have to deal with multiple OS platforms, demanding customers, and limited staffing budgets.

With legacy storage and hardware adding complexity to IT infrastructures and the advent of disruptive technologies like big data, mobile, and the cloud, IT decision makers are looking for new ways to have a greater impact.

Dell KACE streamlines your most repetitive tasks and works with your most pressing issues. It delivers comprehensive systems and device management, security, and support using an all-in-one appliance architecture. This enables automated solutions, which will simplify and standardize administrative and reporting tasks.

Whether it’s computers, servers, mobile devices, routers, printers, or other devices, Dell KACE lifecycle management suite discovers all hardware and software on your network and provides you with ongoing IT asset management (ITAM) and software asset management (SAM), with robust reporting and alerting for most platforms.

KACE immediately goes to work delivering results via an internet-based interface designed to support the entire systems management lifecycle of a diverse array of endpoint systems and devices.

The Dell KACE has two systems: KACE K1000 and K2000. Horizon can assist you with selecting which is right for your business needs. Both systems offer management of your entire connected IT infrastructure, including:

    • Inventory and IT asset management
    • Service desk
    • Systems deployment
    • Software distribution
    • Patch management and security
    • Mobile management